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Control Your Model Railroad with a Raspberry Pi

Choose your setup from a collection of PiRyte Mini boards...

Mix and match from the family of PiRyte Mini boards.  We offer an 8 channel stall motor controller, a 16 channel digital input, a 16 digital output and a combo 8 digital in and 8 digital out boards.

or, use the original Multi-S all-in-one board

Each board reads up to 16 active low inputs from switches, occupancy detectors, etc... and controls upto eight tortoise type stall motors, and eight open collector outputs

What is the PiRyte Ecosystem?

Whether using the family of mini boards or the original Multi-S, the philosophy is the same.  That is to create an ecosystem of interface boards, cabling and break out boards all working together to solve your unique controller needs.  Each PiRyte interface board stacks on top of each other and your Raspberry Pi.  The break out boards and the cabling between them and the PiRyte interface boards allow you to wire up stall motors, relays, switches, etc... at far distances from the PiRyte/Raspberry Pi stack.


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